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Radiant heating can best be described by considering how the Sun heats the Earth.
The Sun’s heat energy radiates through space eventually hitting the Earth and warming its surface. It is this warmed surface that then heats up and raises the air temperature.
Radiant heating solutions work in exactly the same way.

A radiant heater heats people and objects within its vicinity rather than the air surrounding them.
It is therefore an ideal form of heat if you are looking to heat a small part of a larger space or to heat an area where there is much ventilation - a radiant heater does not waste energy heating the atmosphere as a warm air heater would do.

If the majority of your building does not need heating then radiant heating could be the answer for you. If you need to heat a specific area, a radiant heater can be positioned so that it can effectively cover this area. Radiant heating is the correct solution.

The heat from a radiant heater is carried by infra red waves just like light energy.
So long as an object is not obscured by another it will benefit from that radiant heat.
It is therefore ideal for use where, for example,  there is an area within a building which is warehousing products that are not temperature sensitive.

Radiant heating is also appropriate for heating areas where there is a great deal of ventilation.
If you have premises where large amounts of unbalanced extract is required
(for example in a spray area) radiant heating comes into is own.

As the heater is heating objects, not the atmosphere, the fact that air is being drawn out of the area does not affect the heater’s ability to warm the people or objects in the area. Another ideal situation would be where the roller shutter doors are constantly open - for example in plant or other workshops.

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